I’m feeling off today. I don’t feel well mentally or physically, and I feel guilty about it, which is silly, but…

My stomach is a total disaster and I don’t know why. It started last night around dinnertime and is still going strong. I have a bunch of inflammation in my body, so my knees are swollen. Again – no clue why this is becoming a problem all of a sudden.

Mentally, I feel like a walking, talking, exposed nerve. Everything has me on edge.

Some good news: I set an appointment for tomorrow with a palliative care doc, whom I’m referring to as my quality of life doc. My understanding is that she’s going to go over all the things with me, and figure out how to tweak my meds to give me a better quality of life. I’m very much looking forward to it.

I’m also getting my covid booster tomorrow, so that will hopefully bring some peace of mind.

We need to finish decorating tonight so we can put up all the boxes. It’s looking really good so far. Pics later.

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