A lovely, lazy Saturday

We got kinda crazy last night. Two tequila shots. Two bottles of wine. And now two hangovers. Haha. Oh and don’t forget the weed.

It was so fun though. Such a nice, normal evening. It feels good to feel good. It feels good to feel normal.

Me. In my space.

Since Jackson won’t be home for what feels like forever (10 days), I’ve been working more on his room as a way to feel close to him. Yes, we text and facetime, but I feel this deep need to be mothering him in some way. So this is it. I’m continuing the closet clean out. I’m doing all the laundry. I want everything to be perfect when he finally gets home.

My secret santa gift finally arrived, which was a pleasant surprise. My Santa is a 62 yo woman from Oregon. She put a lot of effort into the gift, and it was lovely.

Not pictured is the marionberry jam, which I had already taken to the kitchen to spread on a piece of toast. It was delicious.

We’ve pushed our German dinner to tomorrow night, so tonight the world is our oyster. Not sure what we’ll get into, but I know it will be lovely, because I’ll be doing it with my soul mate. Too much? I don’t care.

In the meantime, it’s back to alternating between cleaning, reading, and browsing social media. I’m in the process of setting up a Facebook group, and have been asked to admin another. Plus, there are cats to cuddle. I’m still in my pajamas at 3 pm and I giveth no fucks.

Happy Saturday to you, dear reader. ♥️

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