It’s not the end of the world.

I don’t think I have covid. I think I have a bad hangover. That def tracks. I’m feeling a bit better, thankfully.

The only thing I have going on tomorrow is a Zoom appointment at two with my palliative doc, so hopefully I’ll not only get in some good rest, but also get some shit done around the house.

I’m happy to announce we have running water again. After just a few hours without, it felt like a fucking miracle. LOL

I have no control with these fucking Christmas cookies in the house. Sigh.

I started reading ACOTAR tonight. I decided to finally give into the hype, because today’s Kindle Deal allowed me to get the entire series for $5.99. That’s a hell of a deal. I’m almost halfway through book one, and I’m digging it.

I found out my bestie’s dog has lymphoma and I’m so sad. I wish I could give them both a hug.

I ate too much today and now my stomach hates me. I feel bloated and gross. I need to find a balance between allowing some indulgence for the holidays and stuffing myself.

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