Today is better.

Feeling a lot better today.

Showing off my Christmas bling. It’s weirdly warm in STL and I hate it.

Trying to do all the laundry and organize all the things. I need to wrap gifts too. Housewife life. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. I’m excited to go back to work in January, but I bet that feeling doesn’t last long. Lol.

It will be good for me though. I know this. Plus, I’ll enjoy the money.

Not much else to report. Shit is kind of boring, and boring is good. I am sort of on the prowl for a new gf. I say sort of because I want to find someone, but I’m putting very little effort into it.

I am excited because we just got tickets to a NYE party our friends are hosting at their favorite bar. I’m so excited! I get to buy a fancy dress!

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