Good Stuff

I had lunch with my boss, and spent some time at the office. It’s a game changer for my mood. It felt really great, and I’m excited to be back in the mix.

Had lunch today at a place that makes their own pasta, and God damn. It was fucking beautiful.

Freya received an award tonight for a video she made. We’re so proud of her. Karen sent pics, and Frey looks so grown up. It’s a total mind fuck.

Jackson gets to come home on Saturday! And I’m getting my hair done. Yes, yes.

My friend KC asked me to go see Cats with her on the 26th, so that’s happening. I’m not big into that musical, but I love KC, and I’m so pumped to hang with her.

This is the dress I ordered for the NYE party!

Now? It’s time to read more ACOTAR.

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