I’m increasing my gabapentin to 2700 mg per day over the course of the week, and I’m quite tired, which I believe is a side effect. I feel like I could sleep for a week.

Much to my husband’s chagrin, I did some more Christmas shopping this afternoon.

I’m in a big time YOLO mood. I’ve lost a lot of my Stage 4 sisters this last month, and that has pushed me to live large. Do the things, eat the cookies, spend the money.

I think I’ll calm down after the holidays. I need the “what if it’s your last” voices to gtfo of my head.

It’s Friday, but it doesn’t feel like it to me. Not sure why. I’m looking forward to the weekend though. Lots of fun stuff to do. Plus, I finally get my kid back tomorrow!! ❤️

I feel a bit off, but not in a bad way. More like in a floaty way.

ttfn 😘

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