Pretty sure it’s Wednesday?

The insomnia has been hitting me hard recently. I’ve been struggling during the day, so I started taking the Ritalin. It helps, but it’s like being a jittery zombie. It’s just masking the problem.

Went into the office yesterday for a few hours. It felt great to sit in my office again. I already have a few projects to work on. I’m going in again on Thursday. So much for waiting until January…lol. But they need me, and it feels fabulous to be needed.

I had lunch with Jen yesterday. We started at Loaded Nachos, which is such a cool concept. We shared the traditional and crab rangoon.

After, we went to a bar and had drinks. I was quite knackered by the time I got home. I slept like the dead for two hours. It was one of those naps where you wake up disoriented. I thought it was a different day altogether. 😂

All of the fam are officially on holiday break now, which is exciting. It’s hard to believe Christmas is on Saturday. I’m mostly ready. This is the most prepared I’ve ever been.

It’s a little before 5 am. I’ve been up and scrolling on my phone for well over an hour. Hopefully I’ll get some more sleep. The good news is that the only thing on my agenda today is another lunch date. Oh and I think maybe tonight is date night, which will be fabulous.

I need to get my drinking and eating (and other bad habits) under control again, but that shit is gonna have to wait until January. This bitch is going to enjoy the hell out of the holidays. As Thunder Gun would say: No hesitation! No surrender! (Iykyk)


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