I need a foot massage

Going back to work has been more tiring than I expected. I can definitely tell I’m not performing at the same level. When I got home yesterday, I immediately took a 2 1/2 hour nap, after fighting falling asleep on the drive home.

Still, it’s good to be busy. The day flies by. I have lots of meetings and interactions with staff. I’m still getting my bearings, but so far it’s good.

I’m off today. Back on Thursday. I’m still trying to figure out what I want my schedule to be starting in January. The good news is that it can be wherever I want, and I can change it whenever. The flexibility is very nice.

I’m feeling better about things, I think. I have these little bouts of depression. When they come on, they are overwhelming, and it feels as though death looms everywhere.

It’s 5 am on my day off, and I’ve been awake for a while now. I’m still tired, so I know I’ll get more sleep. I have an open day today. Frey wants to watch a movie. I have done chores to do. It’s nice to be plan free.

My eyes are getting heavy. 😴😴😴

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