The random list post

It’s been a while.

  • I’m worried Violet (my almost 14 yo cat) has hypothyroidism. She has almost all of the symptoms. I’m making her a vet appointment in the morning. She’s gotten so tiny, but has an insatiable appetite. Send good vibes to my girl, please.
  • The teen told me I should ditch the side part for a middle part. I went for it this morning, but had reverted back to the side part by lunchtime. I just can’t.
  • She also told me I need bangs, but not until my hair gets longer or I’ll look like a Karen. This is odd for several reasons.
  • We finished Rome, and decided to start “I, Claudius.” It’s old af, so it’s def a different vibe. It looks like it was filmed in someone’s basement. That said, I’m into it, and shall persevere.
  • I can’t stand to look at myself nowadays.
  • I’m excited about our NYE plans. Wait until you see my new dress!
  • I can’t wait to put away all the Christmas stuff. I’m over it.
  • I haven’t read in days. I’ve been too busy with other things. I’ve read 100 books this year, however, so I think it’s okay to take a short break.
  • That sounds like a humble brag. Sorry.
  • I’m an awful friend right now. I’ve gotten terrible about texting. I’m busy with work and with my family. Sometimes, I don’t notice a text for days.
  • I’m giving myself a lot of grace and slack about everything, because, honestly, my brain doesn’t work like it used to. All of these cancer meds have taken a toll.
  • I’m not proofreading this.

Love you, bye. 😘😘

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