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Covid finally got my ex and his gf, so Jackson will be home with us for a while. My ex is in bad shape. The blood vessels in his face burst, and he looks like someone beat the shit out of him. Yikes.

Due to potential exposure through Jackson, I’m going to work from home the rest of the week. I was in the office today, before I knew, and I’m sad I can’t go back in. I love the feeling of purpose and accomplishment I have while in the office. That said, there is drama, just like in any office, and my boss is the worst mansplainer I have ever met. It’s making me stabby. LOL.

Me today:

Oh and this is a pic I took while trying to see the red tint in my hair:

It’s not very noticeable in this pic, but in real life it drives me crazy. I don’t like reddish tints with my skin tone.

What else is new? Not fucking much. My stomach issues have calmed down, so maybe it was just a fluke. Fingers crossed. I’m currently obsessed with these pants I bought from Betabrand. They’re the office yoga pants. They are so comfortable, but look really stylish and professional.

I’m not normally a pants gal, but these are game changers.

We took down the big Christmas tree tonight, so Christmas season is officially over. Onto my favorite holiday: VALENTINE’S DAY!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

We’re supposed to have an LS date on Saturday night, so hopefully we remain symptom free. The couple knows what’s up and are cool with keeping the date as long as we don’t show symptoms. It’s fucking impossible to get a covid test right now. This shit is crazy. I’m not worried though. We all feel fine.

Anyhoo…peace and love and good sleep and happy dreams with kittens and rainbows.


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