Did I finally get got?

I think I maybe have Covid.

My body aches and I’m crazy exhausted. Way more so than usual on both fronts. Slightly congested, headache-y, and nauseated as well. My brain feels really foggy, like almost delayed. There’s definitely something off.

It’s not like it’s possible to get a test right now, so, unless I wake up feeling miraculously better tomorrow, I’m going to act like I have Covid.

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One thought on “Did I finally get got?

  1. We’ve been testing ourselves every other day, and coming up negative even though all of us have had coughs and colds. As soon as anybody coughs in public these days, it’s like the scene in Monster’s Inc where they find the child’s sock on the monster and the hasmat suited seal team drop from the sky šŸ™‚

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