Zombie- and

  • I’m feeling…different. I’ve been, what I like to call, hibernating. Books, TV, word games, bed. I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything social.
  • I’ve been so damn tired recently. Like even more than normal. I took Jackson to school this morning, and that was a struggle, so then I came home for a short nap, which turned into a four hour nap. Damn.
  • I have nothing interesting to write about from hibernation-land, so I guess I’ll recap my current “vices”
  • Reading: I joined a FB group called Reading Rivalry, which has been super fun. It’s getting me to step outside of my box a bit. Anyway, I’m currently reading “My Heart Is A Chainsaw,””The Poetry of Rilke,” and ACOTAR Book 2 (can’t remember what that’s called).
  • TV: We just started Midnight Mass. It’s my second time, D’s first, and I’m picking up all kinds of stuff on the second viewing. I was too busy being confused the first time around. Haha. I’m also binge watching Golden Girls. It’s a comfort show.
  • I was going to write more, but I’m tired, and distracted. And I should probably eat something.
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