under the covers

It’s early, and I don’t need to be up yet, but I guess I’m getting used to waking up early? Boo.

I am going into the office today, but a bit later than usual. My first meeting starts at 9:30. I’m staying until 3-ish, when I’ll then leave to meet D in the city. We’re going to a wine bar. Gotta get our dates in before a weekend with the kids.

My new weed knocked me the fuck out last night. I didn’t need any sleeping meds. I slept soundly until D woke me up around 6:30 to have sex. I had some intense dreams though, like the kind that feel very real.

January has me in a big ole funk. I’m thinking exercise might help? Trying to get back into walking. I did 3.5 miles Tues night. Gotta try to stay consistent, which is the hardest part, of course.

I’m also trying not to play the comparison game. I’ve gotten a lot better at it, but now I’m looking at old pics and playing it with myself. LOL.

I have a hair appointment later this month, and I’m getting bangs again, so be ready for me to hate them. OK thanks.

But I need a change, and I hate my forehead. So.

I’m going to try to sleep some more. This job exhausts me.

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