Sunday @7am

It’s too early for my liking, but this prednisone life. Ugh. But it’s keeping me alive, so I really shouldn’t complain.

Instead of just lying in bed, I decided to get up. I’ve fed the cats, and am now in the living room, about to read.

And there’s some early morning vape action afoot.

Today’s agenda:

I told Freya she could do my makeup, and that we’d pick up some more pink hair dye. D wants to go to the gym, which we really should do. I need to be stronger. Plus, it’s an opportunity to make more progress on the audio book. I’m actually enjoying the experience more than I expected. Oh and I also told Frey we could do a SATC marathon. I should definitely do some laundry. Yikes.

I have nothing exciting to report, which is good since all of my excitement seems to revolve around my various ailments. Sigh.

I’m feeling pretty okay mentally, which, given EVERYTHING, I’m sort of surprised about. I’m going to try to stay ahead of falling into a funk. For now, the key is to immerse myself in things I enjoy, especially time with the fam and books.

I will say that seeing all the Valentine’s Day stuff out has lifted my spirits. It’s my favorite day, and I’ve already starting getting gifts. I think I want some decor this year too. Just something small and cutesy. Oh and I may have sent this gift hint to my husband:

It’s on theme!! ❤️

I think I’ve already mentioned it here, but just incase you missed it…READ THIS BOOK, LADIES.


I want these shoes:

And I’ll leave you with this:

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