Personal Day

I texted the firm group text and declared that today would be a personal day for me. I just cannot people right now, nor can I focus. So, after dropping Jackson at school, I came home and got back into bed. It’s fabulous. I have until 2:30 to do whatever I want. Then it’s back to mom-life.

I have a headache. I think I need more sleep maybe?

This post is going to be all over the place. My thoughts are disjointed.

We’ve started making our own taco seasoning, and it’s really good. Highly recommended.

I need to turn off the work email notifications to my phone. They’re driving me crazy.

Not gonna lie: work is already losing its luster a bit. It’s just so much fuckery, and I’m tired. Ya know?

The problem is people. People are always ruining everything.

We need a new show to watch, but, in the meantime, we’ve been watching a docu-series on Rome that I’m very much enjoying. I was telling D last night that it’s refreshing to be able to discover new interests even now. Sometimes I feel so old and stuck in my ways.

Like with music: I’m tired of all the old stuff, but can’t find anything new that I really enjoy, and that makes me feel VERY old.

I’ll write more later. I’m tired. BUT writing is my therapy and I need to be better about it, even if it is stupid, boring drivel.

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