12:14 am (Thursday morning)

My husband is sleeping next to me. He’s murmuring weird shit, and he sounds like a demon.

My pain levels were improved today. That allowed me to get out for a bit. I picked up Freya and her bf after school. We went to Walmart to grab a few things (because it was nearby) and I have to admit that I found some good shit there. They had a sweet Valentine’s section, and I found some stuff I want to get for the kids so I’m going to go back next week.

I did some yoga today! I found Yoga With Adriene and started the 30 day challenge. It felt so good to stretch my body, and I’m excited to see how this may improve my pain.

It was a mostly unremarkable day, but good nonetheless.

Unfortunately, sleep now alludes me. I guess I’m going to smoke some weed and hope for the best. I really need to go the office later, but if I don’t get enough rest it won’t happen.

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