we made it!

It’s Friday. *praise hands*

I think I’m starting to get into a routine that I like. I have my work scheduled nailed down, which is good. I’ve given myself Mondays & Fridays off, which means I have more rest time than work time, and that is exactly the balance I need. Hopefully, my body will cooperate and the next few weeks will be good. I really need to be in a good place next week, because the boss is leaving town, and I’m holding down the fort. I have court and consultations, plus my normal work. It feels good to be needed, but it will be exhausting.

Next weekend is Louisville. I’m still sort of nervous, but it’s more like nervouscited. Possibility is in the air, and it will be a good time no matter what happens. I’m looking forward to getting out of town. Ooh that reminds me: MAKE THAT BOARDING APPT, LADY!

Ugh – I also need a hair appointment. I don’t know that my regular lady can fit me in, so I may go to the salon down the road (where I take Freya).


I actually just took a break from the blog to go book an appointment. So I’ll be seeing Taura at 10:30 on Saturday morning for a cut & color. Also – bangs are happening. I haven’t decided if it will be full or side, but I need to cover this five-head and the fucking melasma that won’t go away. I’ll probably hate it, but whatever. A CHANGE IS NEEDED!!

Yoga has been so good for me. It’s only day 3 of the series, and I’m feeling a lot better physically and mentally. Who knew this would be such a game changer?

This is a kid weekend, so I’ll be picking them up in a few hours. Tonight is family dinner (steak & fettucine alfredo // homemade sauce, of course). I bet we end up watching a movie, too. I feel like there was something we were talking about watching. Then there is a hair appointment tomorrow morning, and Frey’s job interview in the afternoon. We have a Chinese New Year party on Saturday night (yay), and Sunday is currently wide open, I believe. I’m really looking forward to watching (binge-ing) some more Archive 81 with Frey; plus catching up on And Just Like That.

I’m feeling happy, and while I wouldn’t say I feel good, I feel better.

Now it’s time to take my meds (I’m running late today) and then jump in the shower. I can’t decide if I want to be fancy or casual today. Hmm.


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