Drunk Decisions And Other Scenarios

  • Hair cut acquired. The grays are covered, and the (side) bangs have been cut. I liked the new stylist, and now I’m torn.
  • Even though it was difficult for us to get motivated to leave the house, we enjoyed the Chinese New Year party. The food was amazing, and it was good to catch up with friends.
  • I joined WW. I need the structure.
  • Day 4 of 30 is in the bag. I fucking love yoga, it turns out.
  • I think I’m a vlogger now. See Facebook and/or Instagram for that embarrassment. Lol. BUT…it’s therapeutic so I’m going to keep doing it, I think. Plus, the feedback has been good.
  • May take the kids to see the Scream remake tomorrow. I’m trying to get the bestie to join us.
  • Freya got a job today! ♥️
  • I still have Sunday and Monday free. Life is good, friends.
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