Time for a quick update

I’m waiting on D to wrap some stuff up so we can hang. Might as well do a quick post.

I saw my oncologist today for the first time since November. My tumor markers have decreased! It seems that the treatment is working, but we will know more after scans on Feb 25th.

I started a Facebook page about my journey. It’s Just Jenn Rieken, if you’re interested.


We have a lot of snow headed our way, which may interfere with our trip to Louisville. The others seem really hardcore about it, but I’m not driving in icy conditions just to drink bourbon. Fuck that.

I wouldn’t mind a quiet weekend at home, but I know I’ll have fun if we end up being able to go. Idk – I’m ambivalent.

I’m going into the office tomorrow, and am weirdly looking forward to that.

The new Weight Watchers is kind of awesome. They have a workout channel that’s pretty great. I was able to do a virtual meeting this afternoon with a coach I found that is also a breast cancer survivor. I’m super into this right now, and I’m feeling good about it.


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