Another day // yay ♥️

I thought I posted more about the weekend, but I guess I didn’t. My brain doesn’t work right anymore.

Saturday night was weird. We hung out with some of the peeps we were supposed to go to Louisville with. There was one couple we’d never met in real life before. We met up at their loft. Everyone was super awkward. The conversation was stilted. Then one guy was coming on really strong, and made me feel extremely uncomfortable. It didn’t seem like a sex party, and no boundaries were discussed, but then two people randomly started fucking completely out of nowhere. Like right in the same room – because it’s a fucking loft. Lol. I’m no prude, but their spouses looked weird about it, and I was like fuck this shit, so we left. I wasn’t feeling well anyway.

But we’re going out with the new-to-us couple in a few weeks. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Gotta keep life interesting.

I’ve been going to bed really early recently, and I feel like an old lady, but I’m just so fucking tired always. I have a few goals for shit I need to accomplish this week. Everything feels so difficult right now. Like I need to go to the DMV either today or tomorrow and UGHHHHHH.

We get our kids back today. I’m excited to see them. They’ve been gone since Tuesday.

My diet went off the rails over the weekend, but I’m back on track today. I weighed in. I’m down 1.6 pounds, and that’s progress, so yay. My goal is another pound gone this week. I really want to try running again. I miss it so much. I’ll see what my body allows this week. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not “normal.” I have stage 4 cancer. I’m chronically ill, and my progress will be slow, or maybe non-existent at times, as a result. I have to show myself grace, and I have to accept that I am not an able bodied person any longer.

This week’s mantra:

Acceptance is key. I have to stop trying to control everything.

I don’t feel well today. I’m going to rest for a bit longer, and then try to do one thing at a time. I’ll start with a load of laundry.

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