It’s okay, Jenn

I’m feeling down on myself for sleeping so much. But I know I have to listen to my body. I was reading a cancer medication site last night that described cancer related fatigue as “exhaustion that will never be relieved, no matter how much you sleep.” DING, DING, MOTHERFUCKER. Exactly.

So I’m trying to not feel like a worthless piece of trash. Lol. Switching to the new version of Afinitor has been a shit show. Literally – haha. I’m also covered in a chemo rash that is unsightly, and may not go away until I stop the meds, which hopefully won’t happen for a long ass time. SO.

It could be worse. Despite all the bs, I’m grateful. Starting to get a bit worried about scans at the end of the month. My right shoulder has been hurting for weeks, and I don’t know why.

Not much is going on. Well that’s not true – we have a bunch of social events coming up, but nothing to really say about those right now. I have us pretty booked in February and March to try to help D with his SAD, and also to get me the fuck out of bed. Gotta keep on living.

That’s all…for now.


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