early morning musings

  • It’s 5:43 am, and I’ve been awake for about an hour. I’m hoping that purging my brain will help me get back to sleep.
  • TGI-motherfucking-F. I’m excited for the weekend. I have court later this morning, but then I’m free. It’s Valentine’s Day weekend, and that’s very exciting.
  • Tonight, we are making chicken modiga with farfalle marinara. We will also have an Italian salad, and some Tuscano. This weekend will not be good for my diet, but I don’t care.
  • Valentine’s Day (weekend) is like my Christmas.
  • Saturday night, we are headed to an LS meet & greet on Soulard. A bunch of our friends will be there, and I’m excited to see everyone.
  • Sunday is Galentine’s Day brunch with the besties, including my best girl, Freya. ♥️ I need to go buy some fun little gifts.
  • I did some V-Day shopping yesterday. I finished up shopping for the kids. I have one more thing to get for D. And then I need to get friend gifts. I just love celebrating love.
  • It was so good to see Jen yesterday. I jus adore her. We are planning a baby shower for Mandy, so that’s exciting. We’re having it at my place, so I’m trying to come up with cutest decor ideas.
  • I’ve been feeling good mentally the last couple of days. I hope it sticks around for a while.
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