Catalog of Complaints

For my own purposes, I have decided to detail my various ailments, from head to toe.

  • Painful, weeping sores on my scalp from chemo.
  • Blurry vision and extremely dry eyes. It’s difficult to keep contacts in for long.
  • Constant tension and pain in my neck and shoulders.
  • The right shoulder aches constantly.
  • Red, bumpy rash on my upper chest, neck, and shoulders.
  • Pain from nerve damage in my breasts and chest wall.
  • Left wrist pain and popping that requires a brace. Gotta look into this bullshit.
  • Stiff, painful fingers.
  • Constant battle between constipation and diarrhea with some hemorrhoids for extra fun (and bleeding).
  • Right lower back/hip pain from bone damage related to dead tumor.
  • Bilateral knee pain from psoriatic arthritis.
  • Left ankle pain, especially when walking, from psoriatic arthritis.
  • Muscle pain and stiffness throughout entire body from psoriatic arthritis and side effects of cancer treatments.
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