The Nay List

  • I’m drowning in snot from this stupid cold.
  • On the way to drop Jackson off at school, I turned the wrong way, and then got confused as to how to best turn around, which got us into a somewhat dangerous situation. My brain fog keeps getting worse, and I don’t think there is much I can do about it.
  • Did I mention the snot? Lol.
  • I want to do so much, like I’m mentally super motivated, but my body is not so much.
  • We have things coming up that are giving me some body image issues, and I struggle with whether to bow out or forge ahead. This is the Year Of Yes, after all.
  • D is leaving Sunday for a business trip, and I will miss him.
  • There is some work shit that is stressing me out. This is supposed to be a non-stressful sitch. That was the entire point of this merger. Idk…maybe I just need to suck it up. That’s the current plan, but I find myself a bit resentful.
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