Oh hey, Thursday

I actually made it into the office today (go me) for the first time in like a month. I was supposed to leave around 11:30 for a lunch date, but so much shit got piled on my lap that I had to reschedule. People are leaving, the staff hates the boss, everyone is behind, and it’s basically a shit show. It was a busy, exhausting day, but it was good overall.

I can’t do this every day though. No fucking way.

When we leave the husky home alone, and not in his kennel, he hides under our bed the entire time. He’s such a weirdo.

D and I had a good time on our date last night. Tonight, we’re making wings and homemade fries. Then we will watch Picard (yay), The Righteous Gemstones, and Medici. I have to soak up all the time I can get before he leaves for Nashville.

In the meantime…I may just zone out for a bit.

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