And somehow it’s Thursday

Oh and March. How? Time is moving too fast. It bothers me. For obvious reasons.

Today is a work from home day. I’m currently on a court call, waiting on my turn. Then it’s a staff meeting. After that, I’ll prob work on a few things before heading out to the grocery store. I’m making my babe his favorite pot roast tonight, and it needs to cook for 5 hours. Then it’s housework. And hopefully I’ll have time to squeeze in the last episode of Inventing Anna. I’m obsessed.

The cold symptoms continue to wreak havoc. I’m ready to be done with this bullshit so that I can go back to the normal level of feeling crappy. LOL.

D came home yesterday evening. We had a great night of catching up and chatting about all the things. My depressive fog has definitely lifted some, but it still lingers. There are just so many side effects I’m dealing with right now. It’s overwhelming. Plus, I’m going crazy waiting on my disability to (hopefully) be approved. I hate that it’s taking so fucking long. I would feel so much better if I knew I had that money locked down. Financial stress is the fucking worst.

I feel so boring.

I’m hoping to go to Vintage Market Days this weekend. Maybe tomorrow. I don’t think I have anything going on tomorrow until it’s time to pick up the kids in the afternoon. We also have plans with friends on Saturday night. We’re doing one of our blind wine tastings. I’m excited.

It’s almost my turn to lawyer, so I’ve gotta go.


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