same shit, different day

Woke up feeling rough. It’s cold and snowy, which my body hates. Plus, the cold symptoms linger. Or is it allergies? I don’t know anymore. I just know I hate it. My head feels full, like it’s going to burst.

It’s a kid weekend. Not much going on until I gather them all up. Freya’s bf will be here tonight too. Not entirely sure what our plan is for the evening. D and I usually have steak night on Fridays.

I feel bad all the time and it makes me sad.

I slept ten hours last night, but I’m still tired. Too tired to shower yet, though that absolutely needs to happen. I look like a mess. Right now I’m still in bed with Violet curled up on my stomach. It’s not a bad way to be. I may go back to sleep for a while. Some days that’s all I can do, and that has to be okay.

Yesterday was a good day. Productive. I worked. I cleaned. I made dinner. I want more days like that please.

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