Into the void

I feel so lazy. I handled court this morning and then took a 2 1/2 hour nap. I still feel not well. My headache is coming back. I’m extremely fatigued. The good news is that it’s technically my weekend now. I won’t work again until Tuesday.

I feel like a disappointment and like a shitty wife/mom/friend/lawyer right now. Normally that would inspire me to get up and get shit done, but I have no energy or motivation right now.

I found out today that this client of mine, who is charged with receiving stolen property, and told me he had no priors, actually has 82 PAGES OF PRIORS. Sweet baby Jesus wtf??!! I hate people.

I should walk or clean or shower or something, but I’m going to take another hour or two to rest instead.

Trying to remember to show myself grace.

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