Blessed Be

We had a little gathering last night, which meant spending most of the day cleaning the house and getting stuff ready. So I got in a lot of steps. Now my legs and feet are sore.

I was awake until around four am, so I’m feeling a bit rough. Not hungover, just tired. I smoked more than I drank. I’m kind of over alcohol tbh.

I cut my own bangs last night, and that turned out exactly how you’d expect. Luckily, I have a hair appointment on Tuesday.

The kids are on spring break, which means I get a break from all the driving. Yesssss.

At some point, D and I are heading out for a late lunch. In the meantime, I’m just lying here trying not to fall asleep. I def see a nap in my future.

I got some new weed last night called peyote wifi, and it’s fucking glorious. Also – I smoked a clove cigarette. Fuck I love those.

I also had lots of sex this morning.

Wins all around.

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