Words, thoughts, sadness

I had a breakdown last night. Lots of crying. My face is all puffy this morning.

I feel better for having gotten it out, but the underlying problem obviously still remains. I hate feeling like a burden.

In other news, I have a hair appointment this afternoon. She’s going to have to fix what I did to my bangs, which means I’m probably going to be rocking some blunt bangs for a while. I need to find some pics for inspiration. I don’t really care. A change will be nice, even if it ends up not being my best look. It’s not like anyone looks at me anymore anyway.

Yesterday, I swapped the winter clothes out and put the spring clothes in. It feels like having a new wardrobe. My next closet related chore is to thin out the shoe collection. I have lots that I never wear, and they take up a lot of room.

It’s gloomy and windy outside today. It suits my mood.

I have so many unanswered messages and I just can’t deal with them right now. I want to be alone.

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