A few points

  • I may quit my job tomorrow.
  • The leaderboard step challenge ends tonight, and THANK GOD. I feel like my feet are going to fall off. Next month’s challenge is hitting 7k steps per day for the entirety of April. I’m ready!!
  • I’ve hit the pedal hard recently when it comes to experiences. I feel death nipping at my heels.
  • D is making me be in the presence of Monty Python, and THANKS I HATE IT.
  • I spent the afternoon with a gf. We lunched and shopped. It was lovely.
  • On this shopping adventure, I bought a perfume on the hunch that D would find it irresistible, and I was right. Win!! I’ve been searching for a new signature scent, and this is the first we’ve both been in love with.
  • I also bought a Sunday Riley set because this skin needs some help. Their Vit C serum is so legit.
  • I want it all. I’m taking what I can. This all ends.
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