Yet another list post.

Because I’m tired.

  • I slept awfully yet again. The sleeping meds don’t work as well anymore. I can take a higher dose, but then I’m super groggy in the morning. And sometimes it still doesn’t even work all that well.
  • I feel shitty. Headache. Nauseated. Body aches. All the fun.
  • And the brain fog is real today.
  • I just realized tomorrow is April Fools Day, which I really hate. Hopefully nobody is stupid enough to fuck with me.
  • There is some family drama afoot. Pretty sure my mom got catfished. I feel sorry for her. People suck so hard.
  • Ice was just falling out of the sky. That was unexpected.
  • I came in 4th out of 7 in the step challenge. Not too shabby, especially given how close I came to third.
  • I’m feeling a bit sad that day. For all the reasons you think.
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