chaotic chatter

Dude, my house is so clean right now. And yet…I keep finding tiny things to obsess over. But I’m loving how being at home more often, combined with hosting frequent gatherings, has made for a tidy home as of late.

I have a yeast infection and it’s very uncomfortable. You’re very welcome for that bit of tmi. I need these meds to kick in motherfucking stat.

Today we watched Casino, followed by Far And Away. Then watched the most recent episode of Picard. Not really sure how I feel about this latest season so far.

I got in about 8800 steps, but I didn’t do yoga. Oops. But also…whatever.

After around 100 games, I finally lost my win streak with Wordle. Boo.

I’m finding my value in different places nowadays, and I’m not that mad about it. I think I’m finally ready to let go of the things no longer meant for me. It still hurts, but not as much.

I’ve recently discovered just how introverted I actually am, and how empathic. Sometimes socializing literally hurts.

I have somehow become even worse at texting/keeping up with messages. It’s partially chemo brain. It’s partially fatigue. It’s a lot me just being way in my own fucking head or lost in a book. My life has slowed down, become quieter, which has allowed me to focus on self-care and being present with my family.

I smell so fucking good right now. And Sansa is cuddling me. D is asleep already. It’s dark and cozy in here.

Please let me get some sleep tonight.

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