3:45 am

I should start calling these middle of the night posts THE INSOMNIA SERIES. Lol.

The good news is that I slept from about 11 pm to 2:30 am. That’s better than usual.

Also, my migraine seems to be a bit better.

Earlier, we went out to dinner, and D took this horrendous photo of us (me).

I’ve gotten past not posting pics of myself just because I look bad. We were having fun, and that’s what he’ll remember when he looks back on it. So here it is.

He’s snoring softly next to me right now. I hope he’s getting some restorative, dreamless sleep. He dreams about work so often that he doesn’t ever feel like he’s getting a break from work stress. He works so hard and I just want him to be able to relax when he’s at home.

I love him so fucking much.

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