Live music is life ♥️

First Concert: New Kids On The Block

Last Concert: Wolf Alice

Best Concert: Oooh this is so hard. I can’t pick just one. Snoop Dog @ the Blue Note back in law school (2004-ish) was fucking epic. The energy was so intense. DMB at Deer Creek always, Elvis Costello’s Spinning Songbook tour, Peter Hook, Yeah Yeah Yeahs… I’m sure I’m missing something. I’ve been to so many shows that I can barely remember a lot of them, but I guess that means they weren’t the best, right?

Worst Concert: I saw Elvis Costello with Bob Dylan in 2007. Costello was incredible. Then Dylan came out and he was dressed in a rhinestone cowboy outfit. He looked ancient, and sounded awful. I left during the third song. He’s such a legend so I was disappointed, even though I’ve never been a huge fan.

Loudest Concert: Toadies or Rise Against probably. Really they’re all loud to me. LOL

Seen the most: Dave Matthews Band – DUH.

Most Surprising: Peter Hook and The Light. This was the concert where I discovered my love for Joy Division. ♥️

Next Concert: Sum 41 with Simple Plan

Wish I Could Have Seen: Radiohead – I always tried to get tickets back in the day, and they always sold out almost immediately. I’m not interested anymore, but back in the 90s/early 2000s I would have killed for tickets. Also – The Rolling Stones when they were in their prime. Motherfucking Joy Division.

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