3:41 am

I’m wide awake, of course.

I am my best self during the witching hour.

I spent most of 4/20 high, and I have no regrets. We grabbed dinner and watched Sunny until I crashed pretty early. I didn’t nap at all yesterday.

If the rain isn’t a factor, I plan to go on a long walk later today. I need to be outside. And moving. It will be good for my spirits. Otherwise, the plan is to do a bit of work. Read, of course. And then I have an afternoon meeting with some attorney friends. I’m looking after their office next week while they’re in Europe.

Monday starts a long month of traveling for D. Not looking forward to his absence, but, instead of wallowing, I will make the most of my free time. Maybe see some friends. Def dig into some projects. Maybe go into the office.

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