Sunday Stuff

Both of the kids are sick. D is leaving tomorrow for a work trip. I’ll be solo parenting and also babysitting my friends’ law firm all week while they’re in Europe, which means going into the office every day. Oh and I still feel like trash myself, and will probably end up sick on top of it. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a good week. *lol-sob*

I’ll try to keep the faith. Maybe I’ll be surprised.

I had to miss a winery trip and the Snoop concert yesterday because of a migraine and just generally feeling unwell. I woke up in a better, but not great, situation today. I’m so fucking tired of feeling bad all the time.

Sounds like D and I are heading out this afternoon. We’re finally going to get a Costco membership. Then we will go out for some drinks. I’m going to miss him this week. He travels the week after too. Then we get a week off before more travel. I’m barely going to see him in May.

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