This is Monday

The situation currently:

  • D in on an airplane on his way to New Orleans. I miss him already.
  • Freya is home sick. I can tell she feels awful.
  • Jackson is out in the woods at Babler State Park; doing some outdoor school bullshit.
  • I am sitting in my friend’s office, holding down the fort while she and her family of attorneys are in Paris.
  • I would rather be in Paris.
  • But at least there is a massage chair here.
  • I saw my oncologist this morning. She seems happy with how shit is as of now. Scans in 8 weeks.
  • In 50 minutes, I will leave this office, pick up Jackson from school, grab a few things at the grocery store, check on Frey, make dinner, take care of pets, and then I can hopefully find some time to relax with a book before bed.
  • xoxo
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