Some pics and stuff.

I was so happy to get home tonight. It’s only been two days of being in the office and I’m already completely worn out. Fuck.

I hung out with my sick kids. Freya has turned the corner, but Jackson is still in the thick of it. I covid tested Frey and she was negative, but somebody just told me I should swab her tonsils instead. Ugh. Fucking covid. I only have one test left, and I’m going to use it on Jackson, since Freya has been sick longer and is less likely to be contagious. Cases at Jackson’s school have sky rocketed, and they are now considering a two week mask mandate.

Oh right – I promised pics.

Aren’t they the cutest??

I’m gradually developing a relaxing bedtime routine that seems to be working for me. I take an after dinner walk, then a hot bath where I soak with no distractions and meditate. Then it’s skin care (I actually love my skin care regimen). And finally, I curl up in bed with hot herbal tea and a book. Oh and take a fuckton of sleeping pills. 😂. But seriously – I’ve been sleeping really well the last few nights.

I hope I don’t jinx it.

Inspirational shit:

I’m about loving myself right now. Just as I am.

Also – I have the most wonderful friends who are so understanding of my flakiness/mood swings, and make me feel so loved. Thank you. ♥️

I miss my husband. We finally got to chat for a bit tonight, but he was exhausted and distracted. I can’t wait to have him back on Thursday.

Okay – my book is calling to me.

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