It’s me again.

Another long af day.

Five hours at the office, and then two at the hospital. I saw my rheumatologist, and after she heard about my wrist issues (now both wrists are experiencing the same pain and popping), she sent me to get x-rays. Hopefully it’s something meds can fix.

I spend so much time focused on my cancer that I forget I have this other debilitating illness. But at least this one won’t kill me. It sure does hurt like hell though.

Jackson ended up staying here tonight since he was sick and didn’t go to school today. I ordered us burritos from Chipotle (our fave) for dinner. Afterwards, we went for a walk, and then watched some TV. It was good to get some one-on-one time with him.

I’m worried because I’m starting to feel unwell and just…fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Tomorrow is going to be a bit of a shit show. I have two dockets that overlap. I’ll have to be on two phones to make it work. I hate it when this happens. It’s super bad for my anxiety.

The good news is that D is coming home tomorrow. I have much excite.

It’s 9:30 and I’m already in bed. I’m done with Wednesday. Bring on Thursday. Actually, bring on Friday, please.

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