About this week.

I did court from bed. I was feeling poorly and I couldn’t be functional that early.

D left this morning. It’s the second out of four work trips this month.

It seems like the dishwasher has just completely given up at this point. We need to buy a new one this weekend, but there’s no time.

I didn’t realize until this morning that Sunday is mother’s day. How?? But…both kids have already purchased me gifts, and I’m simply overwhelmed at them working so hard to make it special for me. We will celebrate on Saturday morning with Freya, and then Jackson and I will have Sunday together. I’m hoping for nice weather so that he and I can go on a bike ride together. ♥️

Freya has her Broadway Review Friday and Saturday night. We are going to the Friday night show. She has a solo, and I’m so excited to hear her beautiful voice. She always tries to hide it from us, because she’s shy. She’s singing “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” from Phantom Of The Opera. ♥️

On Saturday afternoon, I have Rosé Day with Jen. So excited about hanging with her. Tomorrow I have a lunch date with Kay. I get to see my bestie on Thursday at our hair appointments. I’m trying to talk her into a late lunch. Oh and on Wednesday night I’m seeing KC. I still need a night or lunch date with Carrie too. I want to catch up (she got engaged!!) and I want our floofy bois to play together.

Oh and lots of court this week. Today was a telephonic bankruptcy hearing. Tomorrow is crim court in St. Louis Co, where I haven’t been for two years! Then on Wednesday morning is my return to the federal courthouse, also for the first time since Covid. I am nervouscited about this. I get a pass on Thursday, but Friday morning is another telephonic hearing.

I’m a busy gal this week. I’m tired just thinking about it.

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