Miscellaneous Shit

My stomach hurts just thinking about all the things.

And also because cancer.

Sometimes I write here just to have somewhere to put my energy when I’m feeling anxious.

So – interesting (to me) development: There is a lady who I’ve been exchanging likes with on Facebook for a while. Today she private messaged me regarding something vulnerable I posted in an LS group, and ended up sharing with me that she’s a pre-op trans woman. Anyway – it helped solidify something I’ve known for a while: I’m not bi, I’m pansexual.


Part of me wishes I hadn’t asked for my scans to be moved up. I don’t want to spend the day at Siteman tomorrow. It’s likely I’m going to miss Jackson’s band concert because of it. I should have just left it alone. Ignorance is bliss, after all.

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