Peritoneal / Omental Mets

So yes – progression. Not at all surprising. Dr. B says it’s growing into my colon now. It’s taking over my lower GI tract, slowly but surely.

The new treatment is called Xeloda.

LOL forever that stomach pain is a side effect. I hope I don’t get the dreaded hand foot syndrome, but I’m sure I will. I meet with Dr. B on Monday afternoon to get more info and all that jazz.

The kids aren’t with us this weekend, but I told them yesterday. I was on facetime with Jackson and he was going to breakdown so he wanted to get off the phone. Grant texted me later that he’s keeping him busy – trying to have fun. I avoided telling Freya until after her choir recording session. We were texting so I’m not sure how hard she took it, but luckily she was with her bf. Her mom knows too – so hopefully she can get some extra affection this weekend.

My husband is a mess. I don’t know what to do for him; for any of them.

Eating is misery.

This is one step closer to the end. It feels like a big one. In my heart, I don’t feel like it will be much longer. It’s time to get serious about shit.

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