A Happy Post ♥️

Tonight I said, “I’m never going on a diet again for the rest of my life.” Said it and meant it. It felt good.

The increased dose of Oxy is helping a lot. I ate mostly normally at dinner tonight. I was feeling good enough to dance around the kitchen, and to go on an after dinner walk.

I did some journaling this afternoon after being inspired by some stuff I read in “The Beginner’s Guide To The End,” and I think I’ll share some of it when I get a chance. Right now I’m still doing some reflecting. I can’t speak highly enough about this book tho.

I’m in trip planning mode. Trying to figure out the details for a family vacation this summer. Oh and here’s a biggie: D and I are going to see DMB at The Gorge (over Labor Day weekend). This is a bucket list dream of mine, and I am so pumped!! OMG. I’m also planning a weekend trip with each of my kids for sometime this fall. Jackson isn’t sure what he wants to do yet, but Frey and I are going to Chicago. I’m so excited for this time with them, and I hope they remember it dearly forever. ♥️

Tonight was good. I hope my family realizes just how happy they make me, and how much I love them. I’m just going to keep telling them and showing them for as long as I can.

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