Did I write about this yet?

My memory is shite right now.

Two things –

I talked to my boss and told him that after this week, I will be out on “extended leave.”I knew that would be easier for him than the alternative. He then told me that, no matter what, I had to make it to Greece. And that’s when I lost it and the tears were spilling down my face. He’s been so hyped and encouraging about our Med cruise. He’s been on one before and is genuinely excited for me to have this experience. Anyway – that was difficult. To think that Friday may very well be my last hearing as an attorney? I can’t deal with that right now.

My side effects on this chemo have been intense. I sleep all day and night. It’s hard to walk. It’s hard to breathe. My doc is concerned and wanted me to go to the ER, but we reached a compromise. Instead, I will go in tomorrow afternoon for labs and fluids. Also – I’ll be switching the course from 14 on/7 off to 7 on/7off. I think this will be better. I told them I felt like a little bitch not being able to handle it, and Kristie (my main nurse) said this is a very harsh treatment and that this is quite normal.

So what have I been up to? Mostly this:

D just got home a bit ago. The bestie is packing up. I’m so excited for some alone time with him. I feel like I haven’t seen him in forever.

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2 thoughts on “Did I write about this yet?

  1. Jesus fucking Christ! I know this is weird and I don’t know you or anything but I want to say it now, before it’s too late: I will miss you when you’re gone!

    I hope the TIMING isn’t insensitive but I didn’t want to NOT say it and then have someone pop on and say “Well, just to let you guys know Jenn is gone”.

    I hope you have lots of GOOD time left and I WILL miss you. I will be one of your readers who bursts into tears. Is that weird? LOL

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