A break from the serious

  • I’m in purge mode. I want to get rid of all the things. Just today, I’ve filled up two big bags with shoes and dresses. There is more to go. Some stuff I’m gifting to certain people. Is this like death nesting? Is that a thing?
  • My oncologist told me I should avoid wearing heels while I’m on Xeloda because of the hand-foot syndrome nonsense, which is a bummer because I love my heels. So I’ve been putting away (or getting rid of) heels and cultivating my collection of flats. But I’ve also discovered that my feet have gotten bigger! I’m a size 7.5/8 now. And I’m like WTF?! But I’ve started buying the bigger sizes and it’s def more comfortable.
  • I’m really into maxi dresses right now. I like how loose and flowy they are. I’m all about comfort currently.
  • My husky is howling at me so I gotta go.
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