I had a rush of energy yesterday late afternoon. I felt good enough to get out of the house for a bit. It was nice.

Fast forward to this morning: I woke up again with that awful nauseated feeling. It has been intense this cycle. I took Zofran and Ativan, and when I woke up again at 10, it was better. I took my morning dose of chemo, and went back to sleep until 1.

I forced myself to go on a walk, which was a mistake. I thought I’d be okay because it was overcast, but it was still too hot and intense for me. I barely made it through the 1.2 mile loop without calling for backup. Lol.

I’ve been slow today. Slow to get up. Slow to respond. Slow to do chores. That’s okay though. I have to keep telling myself it’s okay, and that nobody is judging me. Well…except myself. I just feel bad knowing my husband is working and I’m just being a slug. Though I guess I am working on staying alive – so there’s that.

A highlight of today: the bestie and I bought season tickets to the Fox. Here are the shows:

Les Mis is coming too, so I need to pop on and get tickets for D and I to see that. I’m super duper excited about Six, Hades Town, and Jesus Christ Superstar.

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