Sunday Sundries

Not feeling great today.

I keep waking up at 4:30 am with terrible nausea. I wish I knew what was up with that.

It’s almost 1:30 pm now, and I haven’t strayed far or often from the bed. It’s just not a good day.

My girl is keeping me company.

I have that oncology appointment tomorrow mid-morning, and I’m weirdly nervous about it. I spent part of yesterday afternoon researching remaining treatment options. There’s a hormone therapy I haven’t tried yet, and I’m wondering if we may be able to switch over. I remember my old oncologist skipping it at the beginning of my treatment because it’s known to cause joint pain, and he figured it would be a bad combo with my psoriatic arthritis. But I do much better with pain that with nausea, so I’m willing to give it a shot. It would give me a bit more time before trying IV chemo. I guess we’ll see. D is going to the appointment with me, so hopefully that will help me feel strong and secure in my position.

Just the idea of taking Xeloda again makes me want to cry.

I wish I had something interesting to report. The kids are back home tomorrow, so that will distract me a bit, though Freya will be in summer school all day for the next two weeks. Still – it will be nice to have them around. On Tuesday, a gf is coming over to visit. Assuming that goes well, I will start scheduling more friend dates. I think it will work best if my friends come to see me at the house. Otherwise, it’s unlikely to actually happen.

More later.


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