• This port site for sure hurts.
  • Oxy helps.
  • Chemo tomorrow afternoon. Trying not to freak out.
  • My friend sent me those ice socks and gloves so I guess I’m going to give that a go. Basically, I wear them during treatment and hopefully it will help prevent neuropathy.
  • I just saw two old dudes hang dong on TV. The new Kids In The Hall.
  • Ooh we have ice cream in the house.
  • I read the new Freida McFadden book today (The Inmate) and it was really good, though kinda ridiculous.
  • Our flight home from Cancun got cancelled so I need to deal with that soon. Ugh. Apparently cancelled flights are a whole thing right now.
  • I think I want to try acupuncture. For real this time.
  • And I definitely need a massage.
  • My wigs have shipped, and I’m excited.
  • I bought a fanny pack today! #momlife
  • I need to be better about updating here. I feel like I’m running out of time to say all the things.
  • I’m going to leave you with some recent random pics.
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