It’s 10 am, and I’m high af

on some really good shit called “Granddaddy Purp.” I got a cartridge of it last night, and it’s the bomb. I’ve decided I can be high whenever I want. It’s helping my nausea.

I’m continuing to have really bad heartburn, despite all the meds I’m taking, and I’m so confused. The reflux is excruciating. I really hate it.

The party last night was really boring, so we left early, but I was pleased I was able to go at all. It was touch and go for a while. It being boring worked to my advantage, as I was able to chill on the couch almost the entire time. I did get up to play some beer pong, though I was boring and didn’t drink. I should have a few pics to post soon.

I’m about to finish this amazing new novel called “From Below” by Darcy Coates. It’s horror, because of course it is, and it’s superb. I don’t want it to end. I’ve read all of Darcy’s stuff, and this is already my new favorite.

Now I’m going to finish this book. And probably nap. I’ve already devoured a cupcake.


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